Flexibility Promise

                    OUR FLEXIBILITY PROMISE

Book with confidence

The UK’s COVID-19 restrictions on travel abroad and returning to the country have been removed, but, before you book your holiday, please check the latest advice for the country you are visiting at

Travelling overseas is a little different today from before the pandemic, The rules and regulations change constantly and there is a mountain of confusing advice on the internet on how, when and where to travel. So, we have decided to lend a hand by making your holiday 100% flexible, with a money-back guarantee (subject to terms and conditions).

Before you book your holiday with us
When you contact us to book a holiday, we will check if your selected destination is safe for travel based on the following criteria.

  1. The UK government allows travel to the destination.
  2. Current FCDO advice does not recommend against travel to your destination.
  3. Your destination allows UK visitors to enter without quarantining.
  4. The experience you’ll have during your trip meets our standards.

We will study your suggested itinerary and discuss any recommended changes with you. Travel can have many complexities, for example, although it may be safe to travel to your chosen country, it may be inadvisable or even impossible to travel to a certain region in that country. Once the draft itinerary is agreed, one of our team will explain the options available to you and talk you through the specific terms and conditions relating to each aspect of your trip. We will send you a copy of the Terms and Conditions specific to your tour, so you can make an informed decision if your holiday is unable to proceed as a result of COVID-19. 

Our Flexibility Promise – before final payment
After you have paid your deposit and before you pay the balance of the cost of your holiday, we will keep a check on any changes in travel regulations to your destination. If the situation changes and we realise that you might not be comfortable travelling, even if your destination still meets the above criteria, we will offer you the following options:

  • Make suitable changes in the itinerary to ensure your safe travel. 
  • Postpone your holiday to a date of your choosing, subject to availability of the services you want.
  • Offer you a voucher for the full amount paid, which can be used to book another holiday, valid up to one year
  • Cancel your trip any time before you make the final payment and receive a full refund, including your deposit, depending on the nature of your trip.

Our Flexibility Promise – after final payment 
If any of the above four criteria affect your trip plans after you’ve paid your final balance and up to the day of your scheduled departure, we’ll give you the option to postpone your trip, receive a voucher or cancel your trip, dependent on the nature of your trip. (This is subject to specific terms and conditions agreed with the supplier for your tour, which we will inform you at the time of booking.) 

Our Reassurance – during your trip
While you are on holiday, our travel experts will be on hand to ensure your holiday is as protected as possible in these unpredictable times. We are here to look after you every step of the way, from start to finish, with 24/7 support wherever you are in the world.

Financial Security
All our holidays are 100% financially safe through the ‘Protected Trust Services’ (
Protectedtrustservices.com), so your money is in safe hands. Our business is well positioned to navigate through the challenges that the travel industry is currently facing.

                                                 Exceptions to the above

Your options for postponing or changing a trip
We offer a flexible booking policy, but we are not legally required to offer a postponement if the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office is not advising against all but essential travel to your destination. Please note that as prices change in response to demand, it’s possible that a postponed or changed booking may be more expensive than the original booking. You will need to cover the difference in cost.

If you decide to cancel your holiday
If the holiday is able go ahead as planned or with minor changes but you no longer wish to go, then we will have the right to charge you the normal cancellation charges as set out in our Terms and Conditions. However, we will allow you to transfer your holiday to another person, but you should also check with your travel insurer as to whether you have any cover for this.