Our journey through Oman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Asian Geographical Expeditions was the trip of a lifetime… The awe-inspiring destination themselves were just part of what made this experience unforgettable. The meticulous care, support and guidance provided by Asian Geographical Expeditions made the trip extra-special. Their attention to detail and expert planning lifted every possible worry from our shoulders, leaving us free to appreciate the rich culture and stunning landscapes of these beautiful countries. We were deeply impressed by the warmth and professionalism of everyone involved in our tour. Thank you, Asian Geographical Expeditions, for orchestrating such an incredible travel experience.


Our tour to Uzbekistan with Asian Geographical Expeditions was undoubtedly one of the best and most captivating trips I've ever experienced. The warm, friendly people, the delicious cuisine and the unforgettable sites epitomized what real traveling is all about… The itinerary was as we expected, thanks to the exceptional efforts of our guide who was not only knowledgeable but also incredibly kind and a pleasure to be around. He played a crucial role in enhancing our experience, making the trip uniquely memorable... Asian Geographical Expeditions did a fantastic job, going the extra mile to ensure we had the best holiday ever. 


The trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan was extraordinary, thanks to Asian Geographical Expeditions. The attention to detail shone through every aspect of our journey—from the knowledgeable guides to the well-designed itinerary and the excellent hotels … In Georgia, our guide's local connections made us feel like residents rather than tourists, and his flexibility in adapting the tour to our interests was particularly appreciated … In Azerbaijan, our guide combined deep historical knowledge with a fantastic sense of humour, making even the longest road trips enjoyable … One highlight was a delightful lunch at our driver's home, where we enjoyed homemade cuisine and warm hospitality. Overall, we gained a deep understanding of a region that remains enigmatic to many. Thanks for a remarkable travel experience!


Asian Geographical Expeditions was recommended to us by one of our close friends. We looked into this and decided AGE was the company we wanted to organise our two-week holiday to Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia… The itinerary was very well designed and the logistics ran like clockwork. The accommodation was always superb and the guides were exceptional for their knowledge and kindness, greatly enhancing our exploration of these fascinating countries. We are deeply grateful to the entire team at Asian Geographical Expeditions for their dedication and hard work in crafting such a memorable holiday. Thank you for a spectacular travel experience—we look forward to our next adventure with you!


I travelled with my wife and two sons, all of whom had an incredible experience exploring Georgia and Armenia with Asian Geographical Expeditions. The trip was very well organized, ensuring we covered all the must-see sights while also allowing ample time for personal discovery. The guides were exceptional—they clearly loved sharing their knowledge and insights into the local culture and history. The thoughtful pre-planning by the Asian Geographical Expeditions team catered to our interests, making every part of the tour feel personalised and engaging. We are already excited about planning our next adventure with Asian Geographical Expeditions! Thank you for making this a fantastic journey.


We want to express our deepest gratitude to Asian Geographical Expeditions for a truly unforgettable journey through Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. As seasoned travellers who have enjoyed first-class tours across Africa and Latin America, our experience in Central Asia with the Asian Geographical Expeditions team surpassed them all. 
Our group composed of 70-year-olds had specific needs ranging from severe dietary restrictions to preferences in travel duration and comfortable transport. We were really impressed with the immaculate organisation. What truly enhanced our experience were the exceptional guides who were not only knowledgeable but also friendly and helpful. The Asian Geographical Expeditions team kept in communication during the tour, ensuring that each of our members was comfortable. We look forward to more travels with Asian Geographical Expeditions and thank you for making our trip extraordinary.



From the moment we began planning our tour to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan with Asian Geographical Expeditions, every aspect was handled with marvellous attention to our requirements. The detailed itinerary and thoughtful pre-trip information removed all stress from our travels, which went off without a hitch, allowing us to dive deep into the stunning landscapes and rich cultures of Central Asia. The quality of the guides truly set this experience apart; they were all exceptionally kind, knowledgeable and eager to share the history and culture of their cities with us. The accommodations were beyond impressive. We felt welcomed and special at every hotel, and they accommodated late check-outs if we asked for them. I look forward to planning our next journey with your expert team.


We are a group of two families who often travel together. We contacted Asian Geographical for our tour to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and I am pleased to say that they did a great job designing an itinerary that was just perfect for us. We wanted the best available accommodations and they did not disappoint. Every detail was meticulously planned, resulting in the most memorable trip we have ever experienced. The hospitality was truly remarkable. We are immensely grateful to the team for their efforts and look forward to our next adventure with Asian Geographical Expeditions. Thank you for an unforgettable holiday!


Asian Geographical Expeditions organised a tour for us and our four friends to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Every detail of our trip was superbly executed, from the efficient travel arrangements to the smooth transfers at each airport. The hotels were outstanding, offering top-tier hospitality with incredibly accommodating staff. The exceptional attentiveness of the guides added a feeling of luxury and comfort that was much appreciated. I am grateful to the entire team at Asian Geographical Expeditions for crafting such a memorable and enjoyable holiday.


We recently returned from a splendid tour of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan organized by Asian Geographical Expeditions, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. From the moment we arrived, everything was impeccably organised. The guides were not only knowledgeable but also truly passionate about sharing their rich cultural histories, which added a personal touch that was deeply appreciated. The accommodations were top-notch, seamlessly blending comfort with local charm. What stood out most was the flawless itinerary that allowed us to explore an extraordinary tapestry of landscapes, historical sites, and culinary delights. I wholeheartedly recommend Asian Geographical Expeditions for anyone looking to discover the heart of the Caucasus.


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