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The Asian Geographical Partners Ltd and its subsidiaries (namely Asian Geographical Expeditions and Asian Geographical Adventures) exist to support the Asian Geographical Society. 

Asian Geographical Partners Ltd and its subsidiaries (Asian Geographical Expeditions and Asian Geographical Adventures) is committed to minimise or prevent any negative impact of tourism on a destination and the people. We believe in sustaining the character and integrity of each place we visit, this could be economic, environmental, cultural or social. In providing authentic travel experiences, we strive to make positive contributions by supporting local economies, communities and residents in our choice of services. Asian Geographical Partners provide educational enrichment on trips, with a view to inspire all travellers, including young people to reach their potential on our Expeditions and Adventures to enjoy and appreciate our world. 

When You Travel With Us, You Make A Difference.
Your support is vital to Asian Geographical Society’s non-profit mission to inspire people to explore and protect the planet. Our objective is to fund researchers and explorers around the globe who are working to preserve species and ecosystems, protect cultures, and advance understanding of our planet and its inhabitants. 
These initiatives may include the Pristine Seas Project, which seeks to identify and preserve the last untouched areas in the ocean; the Big Cats Initiative, a comprehensive program to protect endangered felines worldwide; and the Enduring Voices Project, which recently documented a language in India that had previously been unknown to linguists.

Asian Geographical Partners works with our travel partners to promote awareness about the world’s treasures and protect the places we explore together. We carefully select our suppliers who put in ongoing efforts in supporting local communities we work in, and are involved in environmental, cultural and animal conservation, thereby providing responsible and sustainable travel experiences. Some of our ground operators have spent the past 60 years nurturing local connections, expert services and deep understanding of each destination we operate in so our travellers come back with authentic experiences.
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