About Us

Note: This is a draft and is not valid until after Covid-19 restrictions are removed. 

Asian Geographical Society
The Asian Geographical Society is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting scientific research, protecting and fostering a love for our environmental and natural heritage, encouraging the spirit of adventure and discovery and inspiring people to explore and protect the planet. 

Asian Geographical Partners Ltd 
The Asian Geographical Partners Ltd combines the Asian Geographical’s commercial enterprises media and consumer-oriented assets. Asian Geographical Journeys is a trading name of Asian Geographical Partners Ltd. Asian Geographical Partners Ltd will support Asian Geographical Society from its profits and fulfil the Society's mission to inspire people to protect the planet by providing meaningful opportunities to explore it. Proceeds from all travel programs of the Asian Geographical Journeys will support the Society’s efforts to increase global understanding through exploration, education and scientific research. *  


Asian Geographical Journeys
Asian Geographical Journeys are small-group wellness tours designed to reflect our travellers’ broad spectrum of interests with a focus on providing wellness and cultural experiences. These are hand-picked selection of some of the best tours in the world and feature unique retreats, iconic lodges and wellness experiences. Journeys are led by Asian Geographical experts and/or experienced local guides who like to share their knowledge and passion of the region, making each experience enriching and unforgettable. Average group size is 12 persons and most activities and meals are included in the expedition cost.

Asian Geographic Private Journeys
Asian Geographical Private Journeys are our Signature Collection of some the best wellness tour itineraries to some of world’s most unique destinations. Travel on your own, with your partner, family or friends; choose your own pace and style; departure date and mode of travel; add activities and wellness experiences of your choice; explore with private guides or shared local guides; we’ll ensure the tour style has your distinct signature.

*For more details on how these funds will be distributed contact us on AGLegal@asiangeo.info