We conduct small-group expeditions to
                                                                     Asia, Africa and Latin America

Our Expeditions
Asian Geographical Expeditions (trading name of Asian Geographical Partners Ltd) are small-group experiential journeys providing cultural experiences and activities in spectacular destinations. The average group size of our Expeditions is between 16 and 24 persons and age group between 20-40 yrs, (Family Expeditions average about 18 Persons). Our Expeditions are led by Asian Geographical experts and/or experienced guides who like to share their knowledge and passion of the region, making each expedition an enriching and unforgettable experience.

All our expeditions have an educational content and purpose. As a participant in one of our expeditions, you will learn about the destination you are visiting and the issues that are confronting it. Asian Geographical Expeditions hopes that you will, on your return, be inspired to disseminate some of this learning, whether by giving talks, writing reports or articles or undertaking some follow-on research. The best and most impactful of the reports and articles will be published on our website.

Asian Geographical Experts
Our Expeditions are led by some of the best experts in their respective fields and include top adventures, explorers, anthropologists, archaeologists, birders, conservationists, oceanographers, naturalists, photographers, wildlife biologists and more. 

You want to explore the vast jungles of the Amazon or the variety of forest habitats in Borneo? Go trekking in the Andes or the Himalayas? Watch leopards in Africa or snow leopards in Trans-Himalayan valleys of Spiti Valley and Ladakh? Swim in the best cenotes of Mexico or the Barrier Reef off Belize? Discover Mayan ruins in Latin America or the oldest temples in Asia? Or sit quietly tasting wine in an exclusive resort on an island in the Indian Ocean? Whatever your age, experience or interest, Asian Geographical has the experts who can design a holiday just right for you!

Core Principles

  • Eco-friendly: Our experts are passionate about nature and national heritage and take an active part in its preservation
  • Expertise: Our experts have intimate knowledge of their subject, countries and destinations in which they operate and lead their expeditions
  • Trusted: Our experts do what they love and like to share their knowledge gained through years of research with their guests  
  • Only the best: Our experts are some of the bests in their respective fields.

Asian Geographical Society
Asian Geographical Society was founded on the belief that adventure and exploration offer the necessary means of understanding our planet, its environment, history and cultures. Asian Geographical Partners Ltd supports the Asian Geographical Society from its profits. We strive to enable the Society to fulfil its mission of inspiring people to protect the planet by providing meaningful opportunities to explore it. 

Trusted Heritage
Our story started with humble beginnings in the 1980s, when our founder, Harish Kohli, decided to walk across the Himalaya. Joining up with three friends and a Tibetan Mastiff named Druk (“the dragon”), they set out on the longest and most gruelling journey on foot hitherto in the Himalaya. This became known as the Trans-Himalayan Expedition. Starting from Arunachal in the east and traversing to the Karakorams in the West, they covered 8,000 kms in 475 days. Much emulated since by other travellers, the expedition has been praised as ‘the best in Himalayan history’.  

That was just a beginning, but after expeditions to some of the world’s highest mountains, Mt Nanda Devi, Mt Kanchenjunga and Mt Everest, skiing across the Himalaya and Finnsmarkvidda in northern Norway and taking student expeditions to Asia, Africa and Latin America, Harish finally settled down to start the Asian Geographical, where he could use his vast experience to organise expeditions and adventures for others to explore the world.

We are joining up with some of the best adventurers, explorers, climbers, naturalists, archaeologists, conservationists and more to help lead our Expeditions and advise on the best Adventures around the world. 

  • Come and join our community
  • Travel the globe
  • Learn how you can protect our planet

One More Thing
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