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Ouro Preto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Brazil's Minas Gerais state, offers a rich journey into Brazil's colonial history. Named "Black Gold" for its once abundant gold mines, its hills are dotted with 18th-century Baroque architecture, like the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, boasting masterpieces by famed sculptor Aleijadinho. Meandering cobblestone streets lead to museums, such as the Museum of Betrayal, depicting the Inconfidência Mineira, a significant colonial-era uprising. Nearby, you can explore old gold mines. The traditional soapstone handicrafts and local cuisine add to the town's charm. With its preserved colonial aesthetic and fascinating history, Ouro Preto is a must-visit for culture and history enthusiasts traveling in Brazil.


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Baroque Architecture

Ouro Preto is home to some of the most exquisite Baroque churches in Brazil. Visit the Church of São Francisco de Assis, which showcases the work of Brazilian sculptor Aleijadinho, and marvel at its intricate soapstone carvings. Another must-see is the Church of Our Lady of Pilar, boasting lavish gold-leaf decorations and a museum showcasing sacred art.

Gold Mines

Discover the history of Brazil's gold rush by touring one of Ouro Preto's many mines. The Mina da Passagem, a former gold mine, offers guided tours where visitors can descend 120 meters underground and experience the miners' challenging work environment, while learning about the extraction process and history.

Soapstone Carving

Soapstone, a soft and easily carved material, has been used by local artisans for centuries. Participate in a hands-on workshop to learn the traditional techniques of soapstone carving and create your own unique souvenir to take home.

Holy Week Celebrations

Ouro Preto's Holy Week (Semana Santa) is one of the most significant religious events in Brazil. Visit during this time to witness elaborate processions, street decorations, and the city's unique "tapetes de serragem" – colourful carpets made from dyed sawdust that adorn the streets.

Hiking and Trekking

Challenge yourself with a hike to the top of Itacolomi Peak, which offers panoramic views of Ouro Preto and the surrounding countryside. The 7.5 km trail starts at the Itacolomi State Park and takes you through lush forests, past waterfalls, and up to the summit at 1,772 meters above sea level.

Sculpture Garden

Dedicated to the life and work of Brazil's most celebrated sculptor, the Aleijadinho Museum showcases a collection of his masterpieces, including the famous "Twelve Prophets" series. Wander through the peaceful sculpture garden and admire the artistry that has made Aleijadinho a national treasure.