Best of Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet Adventure

Bhutan, China , Nepal

Close  Punakha Dzong known for religious paintings on walls & ceiling, Bhutan.

Best of Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet Adventure

Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet tour is a classic journey across three countries, once known as the Himalayan Kingdoms. This tour is made possible due flight options available. You can fly to Paro, Bhutan from either Delhi or Bangkok and from Paro to Kathmandu, Nepal. Travel by road on the Friendship Highway to Lhasa, Tibet and from there fly out to Beijing. The tour can be taken in either direction.

The kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most beautiful destinations. Bhutan’s religion and nature merge to preserve this Buddhist kingdom as the last Shangri-La. Nepal sits in the lap of the Great Himalayan range and is a melting pot of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Tibet, a trans-Himalayan plateau at the centre of Asia, is often referred to as the ‘Roof of the World’. Lhasa at 3,490 metres requires acclimatisation, thus travelling by road from Kathmandu is helpful.


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  • Business Class flights from Delhi or Bangkok with private airport transfers and assistance.
  • This is a private tour with your own private guide and driver for flexible touring based on your individual interests.
  • Trouble-free travel experiences, as we take care of all the logistics, so that you avoid queuing, irritations and delays.
  • Highly personalised itinerary designed by Bhutan specialists.
  • Around-the-clock support with our local contacts throughout Bhutan.
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  • Private Bhutan tours to coincide with festival dates or customise private treks of any length, to include luxury facilities.
  • Special activities such as cooking classes, visits to local homes, archery lessons, private monastery tours, meditations led by local monks and many more.
  • Restaurant and spa reservations, shopping recommendations, access to local festivals and other activities, private airport transfers, VIP and fast-track airport assistance in many destinations.

Best of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet Adventure Explore cultural highlights of Bhutan and Nepal, then travel to Tibet, the “rooftop of the world”.
Thimphu, Punakha, Paro, Kathmandu, Lhasa
(13 Days - Departs Daily on a Private Basis)

This private adventure tour includes the best Himalayan destinations in Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. Take a comprehensive tour of Bhutan to include Paro, Thimphu and Punakha visiting ancient monasteries and remote valleys. In Nepal you explore the cultural highlights Patan and Bhaktapur before travelling to Lhasa, Tibet, the “rooftop of the world”. Accommodation is in the best hotels available.

Begin in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. Enjoy comprehensive touring of Thimphu’s many cultural attractions and important Buddhist highlights. Meet local people, learn about local traditions, explore a bustling market, and visit various small museums specialising in textiles, folk heritage, and traditional Bhutanese arts and crafts.

Next, drive through the mountains, passing the 108 stupas of Dochu La, to Punakha, the ancient winter capital located in a sub-tropical valley where rhododendron and magnolia bloom and orange and banana trees flourish. Relax at your luxurious farmhouse-style lodge, set among rice terraces, chili and cabbage fields and traditional Bhutanese farmhouses.

Return to Paro, a resort town nestled among the Himalayas. Visit the National Museum, browse shops for Himalayan crafts and Buddhist items, and hike to Tiger's Nest, a breathtaking monastery clinging to a cliff that is one of the most important icons of Bhutan. Other activities can be incorporated based on your interests, such as a private archery lesson, yoga, a biking excursion, or traditional Bhutanese spa treatments.

Fly to Kathmandu, located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Kathmandu Valley comprises the three ancient cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, which were once independent states ruled by the Malla kings from the 12th to the 18th centuries. With your expert private guide and driver, explore the best of Kathmandu as well as the most interesting towns in the surrounding valley – Patan and Bhaktapur.

Explore the city through its atmospheric streets lined with boutiques selling jewellery, prayer wheels, Buddhist thangkas and more. See spectacular squares featuring traditional architecture. Visit Hindu temples, with its erotic carvings and assortment of marigold sellers, and Shiva Parvati, where a likeness of the god and his consort peer down over the square.

Also enjoy excursions to the much-photographed Buddhist temples at Boudhanath and Swayambhunath, with their massive white stupas and fluttering prayer flags. One day, if desired, take a private fixed-wing scenic flight to view Mount Everest.

Finally, journey to Lhasa, Tibet, the “rooftop of the world”, and explore this sky-high Tibetan city (elevation: 11,450 feet) that is steeped in Buddhist spirituality and filled with temples, monasteries and palaces built by artisans seeking good karma.

Visit Potala Palace, a complex built on the slopes of Mount Marpori by the Fifth Dalai Lama in the late 17th century and featuring multiple palaces and 1,000 rooms. Other sights include the grotto-like Palha Lupuk Temple and a choice of 15th-century monasteries located outside of the city. If desired, also enjoy a private trek to the Drak Yerpa caves. 

Day 1 – Arrive
Paro, Bhutan Business class flight to Paro from Bangkok or New Delhi.
Meet and greet on arrival and transfer to Thimphu for 2 nights.
Begin private touring.

Day 2 – Tour
Thimphu Full-day private touring with option for hiking.

Day 3 – Transfer
Punakha Private transfer to Punakha for 2 nights with touring en route.

Day 4 – Explore
Punakha Private full-day gentle hikes and cultural touring.

Day 5 – Transfer
Paro Private transfer to Paro for 2 nights.

Day 6 – Explore
Paro Private hike to Tiger’s Nest monastery.

Day 7 – Transfer
Kathmandu, Nepal Transfer to airport and business class flight to Kathmandu for 3 nights.
Meet and greet on arrival. Private afternoon tour.

Day 8 – Explore
Kathmandu Full-day private touring with guide and driver.

Day 9 – Explore
Kathmandu Continue private touring in the valley.
Option for fixed-wing scenic flight to see the Himalayan peaks.

Day 10 – Transfer
Lhasa, Tibet Transfer to airport and business class flight to Lhasa for 3 nights.

Day 11 – Explore
Lhasa Full-day private touring in and around Lhasa.

Day 12 – Explore
Lhasa Continue private touring or opt for a full-day hike to Drak Yerpa caves.

Day 13 – Depart
Lhasa Private airport transfer.


  • Thimphu:         Taj Tashi, Thimphu
  • Punakha:         Amankora Punakha or Uma Punakha
  • Paro:                Uma Paro
  • Kathmandu:     Dwarika’s Hotel or Hyatt Regency Kathmandu
  • Lhasa:              St. Regis Lhasa or Shangri-La Lhasa
Best of Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet Adventure Bhutan, China , Nepal

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Getting There Flights are available to Bangkok or New Delhi from major UK cities on a variety of carriers. From there flights are with Druk Air. We will arrange your flight tickets and visa clearance details and forward them to the Druk office at the airport from which the flight originates.

If you are travelling by road, our representatives will meet you at Bagdogra airport in West Bengal, India to escort you to the land border at Phuentsholing and handle entry formalities for you.

High Altitude Travelling in Tibet is an adventure involving high altitude and can be strenuous. While most visitors have only minor effects from altitude, we strongly advise the guests to consult their doctors particularly those that have known heart, lungs or blood diseases. Mild headaches, slight fever, loss of appetite, insomnia, and stomach disorders can take place in the process of acclimating. Please consult your doctor in taking diamox as a preventive drug for altitude sickness. Drinking lots of water, high carbohydrate diet, eating lots of garlic, taking more rest than usual and deep breathing does help in acclimatising. We strongly advise that you read more on altitude sickness.

When to go Winter in Bhutan is from mid-November till mid-March, and at this time of the year the climate is dry and sunny for the most part, temperatures peaking at around 15c. in the daytime and falling below zero at night. During the spring months of March, April and May, Bhutan offers warm days and cool nights. It is a great time for treks and to watch the flora and the many birds of Bhutan.

By the middle of June, clouds begin to build up for the monsoon that arrives in July. By mid-September the monsoon clouds have all but dried and the skies begin to clear. The two-month window between October and November offers clear skies but it can be cold in the night. It is also a good time for trekking deep into the Himalayas, sitting around a camp fire and seeing the high Himalayas in the morning and evening golden light.

The best time to visit Lhasa is in summer and autumn (March to October) when the weather is warm. During spring and winter, it can be windy and extremely cold. Lhasa has a reputation of “sunlight city” with long sunny days all year round.