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In Gangtey, you will find a peaceful and scenic destination with a rich biodiversity and natural beauty. The Gangtey Nature Trail is a popular attraction that allows visitors to experience the valley's stunning landscapes. The black-necked crane, an endangered species, also migrates to the valley in winter. The Gangtey Monastery, a 17th-century spiritual and cultural landmark, is a must-visit attraction. For adventure enthusiasts, the Gangtey Trek offers an opportunity to explore the valley's remote villages, forests, and landscapes. Cultural tours and homestay programs allow travellers to experience the traditional lifestyle of the local communities.


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Gangtey Monastery

Gangtey Monastery, also known as Gangtey Goempa, is an important Nyingmapa Buddhist monastery dating back to the 17th century. This beautifully preserved monastery overlooks the Phobjikha Valley and features a central goemba (prayer hall) adorned with exquisite murals and paintings. The annual Gangtey Tsechu festival, held in October or November, is a vibrant event where locals gather to witness traditional masked dances and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Black-necked Cranes

The Phobjikha Valley is a vast, U-shaped glacial valley characterized by lush meadows, terraced fields, and dense forests. It is also a designated conservation area and the winter home for the endangered Black-necked Cranes. Between October and February, you can observe these graceful birds as they migrate from Tibet. The Black-necked Crane Information Centre provides information on the cranes and the valley's biodiversity.

Nature Walks

The Gangtey Nature Trail is a moderate 4.3-mile (7 km) trek that takes you through the stunning landscapes of Phobjikha Valley. The trail starts from Gangtey Monastery, meandering through meadows, forests, and traditional Bhutanese villages, offering panoramic views of the valley. This hike is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the region's natural beauty while experiencing the local culture and lifestyle.

Bhutanese Homestay

To get an authentic taste of Bhutanese culture and hospitality, consider staying at a traditional homestay in Gangtey. Several families in the valley offer comfortable accommodations in their homes, allowing visitors to experience the rural Bhutanese lifestyle. This unique experience will provide you with an intimate glimpse into the lives of the people living in the beautiful Phobjikha Valley.

Bhutanese Wedding

Visitors to Gangtey can experience the unique customs and traditions of Bhutan by attending a local wedding ceremony. These events are a celebration of community and are an opportunity to witness traditional Bhutanese dances, music, and costumes.