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Mbeya, a bustling city in Tanzania's Southern Highlands, offers stunning natural landscapes and a vibrant local culture. Visit the Kiwira Natural Bridge and marvel at the impressive geological formation. Explore the colourful Mbeya Peak and Loleza Peak for panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside. Venture to the volcanic Lake Ngozi, nestled in a lush crater, or relax in the rejuvenating Mwalalo Hot Springs. Experience the lively atmosphere of the Mbeya Market, where you can taste local produce and delicacies. A range of accommodation options ensures a comfortable stay while exploring the region's wonders.


A range of thrilling experiences handpicked by our experts. Don’t see one that’s just right for you? No problem. Our local insiders will create precisely what you want.

Crater Lake Hike

Embark on a guided hike to Ngozi Crater Lake, the second-largest crater lake in Africa, nestled amidst the Poroto Mountains. The challenging trek rewards visitors with stunning views of the turquoise lake surrounded by lush vegetation, making it a perfect spot for a picnic and photography.

Kitulo National Park

Visit the Kitulo National Park, also known as the "Garden of God," which boasts a diverse range of endemic plant species, including wild orchids and giant lobelias. The park is particularly popular among botanists and nature lovers, offering scenic walking trails, birdwatching opportunities, and breathtaking vistas of the surrounding highlands.

Mbeya Peak

Conquer Mbeya Peak, the highest point in the Mbeya Range, standing at 2,827 meters above sea level. A guided hike to the summit provides panoramic views of the city, tea plantations, and distant mountains, offering a rewarding experience for adventure enthusiasts.

Mbozi Meteorite

Discover the Mbozi Meteorite, the world's eighth-largest meteorite, located approximately 65 kilometres from Mbeya. Weighing an estimated 16 tons, this massive iron meteorite is a fascinating sight to behold and offers visitors a rare opportunity to see a piece of extra-terrestrial history up close.

Tea Plantation Tour

Explore the rolling hills and verdant landscapes of Mbeya's tea plantations. Learn about the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of tea leaves while enjoying the picturesque surroundings. Complete the experience with a freshly brewed cup of tea and a visit to a local tea factory.

Kaporogwe Falls

Visit the stunning Kaporogwe Falls, a hidden gem located approximately 40 kilometres from Mbeya. The falls cascade over a volcanic cliff into a natural swimming pool, creating a serene and refreshing oasis. Enjoy a swim, picnic, or simply relax amid the tranquil setting.