VENEZUELA: Tailor-made holidays

Venezuela is where the Andes Mountain range meets the Caribbean. The Orinoco River separates the tabletop mountains of the Gran Sabana from the great plains of Los Llanos known for its local flora and fauna. In Merida, known for its Spanish colonial architecture, take a cable car to the mountains, where the highland pastures are studded with wild flowers. The south is home to Amazon Forest while in the south-east, neighbouring Guyana has a wild and untamed environment of verdant rainforest and savannas. Here Angel Falls, the highest falls in the world, tumbles in spectacular style from the plateau of a tabletop mountain. For R&R, head to the Mochima National Park on the coast or to the spectacular Los Roques archipelago for white sand beaches and crystal-clear water.


  • Trek in the Andean Cordillera, known for its dramatic and photogenic landscapes
  • Relax on the crystal-watered beaches of Los Roques or Isla Margarita in the Caribbean Sea
  • Explore Mariusa National Park in the Orinoco Delta, home to rich birdlife & wildlife
  • Visit Canaima National Park and marvel at the world's tallest waterfall, Angel Falls
  • Trek up the tepuis or table-top mountain in the “lost world” in the Guiana Highlands.


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