CHILE: Tailor-made holidays

Chile is a country of startling contrasts and extreme beauty. Travellers are drawn to this country because of its magnitude in natural attractions, from the towering volcanic peaks of the Andes to the ancient forests of the Lake District. It has some very good parks, and plenty of opportunities for fine adventure travel. Chile is justly famous as the location of Torres del Paine, considered by many to be the finest nature travel destinations in all of South America. Chile offers wonderful opportunities for skiers in eight of its twelve regions, with excellent trails and glorious scenery as well as a world-class infrastructure and proximity to towns.


  • Take in UNESCO World Heritage churches amongst the green landscape of Chiloe Island
  • Travel slowly: there's a Patagonian saying 'Those who hurry waste their time' 
  • Sand-board in San Pedro de Atacama during the day & gaze at shooting stars in the night
  • Hike the granite towers of Torres del Paine and the sharp peaks of the Lake District
  • Discover iconic Easter Island or Rapa Nui and gaze in wonder at Ahu Tongariki statues.


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