Palanque & Ancient Cities Tour



Palanque & Ancient Cities Tour

Palenque is an ancient Maya city in southern Mexico that flourished in the 7th century. Its known for its architectural sophistication and fine sculptures especially for the inscriptions that have enabled archaeologists to understand its history. Interesting sites include an impressive Palace with a unique tower, surrounded by many aqueduct channels that run throughout the site. Other sites are the tomb of King Pakal, Temple 13 known for its inscriptions and a group of temples.

Begin with a comprehensive tour of Mexico City, then travel to Oaxaca, the cultural heart of Mexico, best known for gastronomy and traditional arts. Then travel to Palenque and onwards to Merida, the vibrant capital of Yucatan with rich Mayan and colonial heritage. Its town is steeped in colonial history, with broad central plazas and the region’s best museums. You may extend this tour and enjoy several relaxing days at an exclusive luxury beach resort on the Riviera Maya.

What We Love
  • Stay in colonial Oaxaca and visit the magnificent Aztec ruins of Mitla
  • Explore the jungle-choked Mayan ruins of Palenque and the pretty colonial city of Mérida
  • Visit fascinating Chichén Itzá, one of the new ‘Seven Wonders of the World’
  • Exclusive tour, guided privately by a multilingual guide throughout the trip.
  • All touring is flexible and can be customised to incorporate special interests.
  • Depart and return whenever you choose – shorten or lengthen the tour to suite your wishes.
What to Know
  • This tour is designed to provide maximum outdoor experience and may require walking on rough surfaces.  
  • Bring proper walking gear and outdoor clothing. Do not forget your skin and eye protection items
  • We offer 24/7 support during your tour to give you complete peace of mind during your holiday.
  • Our Mexico tours easily combine with touring in Guatemala, Belize and other destinations in Central America
  • We strongly recommend that you take travel insurance for this holiday.

Palanque & Ancient Cities Tour Mexico City, Oaxaca, Palenque, Villahermosa, Mérida
(10 Days – Travel Any Day)

Day 1 – Arrive
Mexico City On arrival in Mexico City you will be transferred to your chosen hotel for a three-night stay in this lively and interesting metropolis.
Overnight at Four Seasons Mexico City

Day 2 – City Tour
Mexico City Today take a half-day private guided tour of Mexico City. Visit the Zócalo, the main square, with its cathedral, National Palace and ruined Aztec temple. Your afternoon is at leisure.
Overnight at Four Seasons Mexico City (B)

Day 3 – The Surrounds
Mexico City With your private guide and driver, take a full-day historical tour of nearby historic sites. Stop first at the Guadalupe shrine before continuing to the vast Aztec ceremonial site of Teotihuacan. Climb the Sun and Moon Pyramids for amazing views. Enjoy a buffet lunch and return to Mexico via the National Anthropological Museum.
Overnight at Four Seasons Mexico City (B)

Day 4 – Colonial City Tour
Oaxaca This morning, drive to the town of Cholula to see the great pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, built over with Catholic churches following the conquest. Continue to the colonial city of Puebla for a brief sightseeing tour before driving to Oaxaca for a two-night stay.
Overnight at Casa Conzatti (B)

Day 5 – The Surrounds
Oaxaca After an early breakfast, you will be driven to the magnificent Aztec ruins at Mitla, which form the basis of the present-day town. On your return to Oaxaca, visit several villages known for their handicrafts. After lunch, take a guided tour of Monte Alban, capital of the Zapotec civilisation, with its notable palace, temple and ball court.
Overnight at Casa Conzatti (B)

Day 6 – Historical Tour
Palenque After your morning sightseeing tour of Oaxaca’s historical buildings and the lively market, transfer to the airport for your flight to Villahermosa. On arrival you will be met and taken to Palenque and your overnight stay.
Overnight at Hotel Misión Palenque (B)

Day 7 – Palenque Ruins
Villahermosa This morning explore the jungle-choked ruins of Palenque, one of Mexico’s most beautiful and impressive Mayan sites. Highlights include the central Palace and the detailed stone carving. After lunch in a local country restaurant, continue to Villahermosa for an overnight stay.
Overnight at Hyatt Regency (B)

Day 8 – Maya Culture
Mérida Tour Villahermosa this morning, starting with a visit to the giant Olmec heads in La Venta park. Afterwards learn more about the Olmec and Maya cultures at the anthropological museum. This afternoon, take a short flight to Mérida, and transfer to your chosen hotel for the next three nights.
Deluxe: Casa del Balam (B)

Day 9 & 10 – The Surrounds
Mérida Today enjoy a full-day Mayan ruins tour. At Uxmal, see the elaborately decorated Pyramid of the Sorcerer and the House of the Governor. After lunch in a local restaurant, visit Kabah’s fascinating palace and its impressive carvings before returning to Mérida.

Next day, take a full-day tour again, this time to Chichén Itzá, dominated by the giant El Castillo pyramid and featuring a ball court with reliefs of human sacrifice. Lunch at a local restaurant before your return to Mérida.
Deluxe: Casa del Balam (B)

Day 11 – Depart
Mérida Transfer to the airport for your onward flight, or extend your stay and spend a few nights relaxing on the beach (B)

Palanque & Ancient Cities Tour Mexico

Make this your holiday

  • Exclusive Tour: your own private multilingual guide throughout the trip  
  • Price Guarantee: costing 25-30% less than similar tours of the same flexibility and quality
  • Tailor Made: customised itinerary to create your dream holiday
  • Duration: shorten or lengthen the tour to suit your wishes
  • Dates: depart and return whenever you choose
  • Hotels: change hotel grade to suit your budget
  • Group Discounts: call 020 8350 6199

Getting There The only direct scheduled flights from the UK to Mexico are from London Heathrow to Mexico City or London Gatwick to Cancún, both with British Airways. Flying from anywhere else in Britain to Mexico, will require change of planes somewhere. If flying via the US, it’s worth checking if your transatlantic carrier has an airpass deal for non-US residents – most major US airlines do – by which you purchase coupons at a flat rate for a certain number of flights in North America. The pass will usually also include one or more destinations in Mexico and Canada.

When to go November to May: This is late winter in Mexico and the best time to visit. January to March are the months to visit Baja California to see the visiting whales. Beginning June, the rains begin to make their presence known, mostly in the form of an afternoon storm. July is the heart of Mexico's rainy season, though rains still accustomed to its afternoon routine, cooling down the temperatures. In August and September, rains become heavier, particularly on the Pacific Coast. By October, rains begin to ease a little but humid condition remain across much of the country.