Golan Heights & Pilgrimage Tour



Golan Heights & Pilgrimage Tour

The Golan Heights, is a region in north-eastern Israel, which it seized from Syria in the 1967 six-day war. The heights give Israel a vantage point into Syria and the topography provides rainwater catchment areas, the key source of water for Israel’s arid region. In addition, the region of Galilee and Golan offer an array of significant Jewish & Christian historical sites. Begin with a comprehensive tour of Jerusalem and visit its various neighbourhoods.

Take an excursion south to Masada, a historic mountaintop fortress and the Dead Sea to relax in its salt and mineral-laden water. Next move north, to Beit Shean, an ancient city and stay at a luxury spa resort in Rosh Pina. Then drive up to the Golan Heights, a region of springs, waterfalls and Crusader ruins. On return stay at Tiberias on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and visit surrounding biblical sites including Caesarea and Meggido en route to Tel Aviv, on the Mediterranean Sea coast.

And, in Rosh Pina browse art galleries and visit vineyards.

What We Love
  • Visit Jerusalem where the entire Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • In Jerusalem, visit the immensely moving Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.
  • Take an excursion to the Dead Sea and relax in the salt- and mineral-laden waters.
  • Visit Har (‘Hill’) Megiddao, a site of many battles that gave rise to the word ‘Armageddon’.
  • Visit Masada, where Jewish defenders held out against the Romans before committing mass suicide.
What to Know
  • This tour is designed to provide maximum outdoor experience and may require walking on rough surfaces. 
  • Bring proper walking gear and outdoor clothing. Do not forget your skin and eye protection items
  • We offer 24/7 support during your tour to give you complete peace of mind during your holiday.
  • Depart and return whenever you choose – shorten or lengthen the tour to suite your wishes.
  • We strongly recommend that you take travel insurance for this holiday.

Golan Heights & Pilgrimage Tour Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Galilee, Tel Aviv.
(11 Days – Travel Any Day)

Day 1 – Arrive
Jerusalem VIP airport assistance. Private arrival transfer to hotel for 4 nights.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice

Day 2 – Old City Tour
Jerusalem Begin your tour in one of the world's most historic cities — the entire Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site — Jerusalem is a fascinating mix of cultures and religions. Visit different neighbourhoods according to your interests, such as the Jewish Quarter, Christian Quarter, Muslim Quarter and Armenian Quarter.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice (B)

Day 3 – City Highlights Tour
Jerusalem See highlights such as the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa, ancient synagogues, bazaars, and atmospheric narrow streets lined with galleries and private homes. Visit Jerusalem's most important museums, such as the Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum and the Israel Museum. See the Mount of Olives and walk upon the old city ramparts.

Also tour the Mahane Yehuda Market, which is a great place to sample local culinary specialties such as burekas (flaky filled pastries), chocolate rugelach and halvah while shopping for pantry staples such as tahini, za'atar, dried fruits and nuts. During leisure time, enjoy your hotel's extensive resort facilities and beautiful, park-like grounds.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice (B)

Day 4 – Masada & Dead Sea Tour
Jerusalem Today enjoy a private excursion to the Dead Sea. En route, visit Masada, a historic mountaintop fortress. Visit a beach on the Dead Sea and, if desired, relax in the salt and mineral-laden water, famous for its buoyancy and therapeutic qualities. Another day, opt for an expert-led excursion to Bethlehem or Jericho, or enjoy more cultural touring in and around Jerusalem.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice (B)

Day 5 – Sea of Galilee Tour
Galilee Spend the next three nights in the Galilee region at a luxury spa resort in Rosh Pina. En route, tour the ruins of Beit Shean, an ancient city settled at least 5,000 years ago and later converted into a Hellenistic city. Enjoy private touring around the Sea of Galilee (also known as Lake Tiberias and Lake Kinneret), an area renowned for its beautiful landscapes and proximity to important historical and biblical sites.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice (B)

Day 6 – Golan Heights Tour
Galilee Full-day private tour of Golan Heights: Opt to browse art galleries in Rosh Pina, sample wines at local vineyards or visit a kibbutz. Also explore the nearby cities such as Nazareth, Safed (Tzfat), Acre (Akko) or Haifa, each with its important historic, spiritual and cultural attractions.  Another day, enjoy active pursuits such as a four-wheel drive excursion in the Golan Heights, a fertile region of springs, waterfalls and Crusader ruins.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice (B)

Day 7 – Golan Heights Tour
Galilee Full-day private excursion around Sea of Galilee, including Nazareth, Safed (Tzfat), Acre (Akko), Haifa or option for hiking.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice (B)

Day 8 – Transfer
Tel Aviv Private transfer to Tel Aviv for 3 nights. Tour ancient ruins at Caesarea and Meggido en route to Tel Aviv, a vibrant city on the Mediterranean Sea coast.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice (B)

Day 9 – City Highlights Tour
Tel Aviv During private touring, experience the best of Israel's largest city: the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, UNESCO-listed Bauhaus architecture, Old Jaffa, the Carmel Market, and museums such as the Eretz Israel Museum and the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora. If desired, we can also arrange a tour of the fascinating Ayalon Institute, a kibbutz that hid a secret underground ammunition factory.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice (B)

Day 10 – Culinary & Culture Tour
Tel Aviv Additional options in Tel Aviv include specialized shopping, visiting the Design Museum Holon, strolling the port district or fashionable HaTachana, spending time on the beach, and enjoying the city's excellent restaurants.
Overnight: Hotel of your choice (B)

Day 11 – Depart
Tel Aviv Take a private transfer to the airport and connect with your onward flight.

Golan Heights & Pilgrimage Tour Israel

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Getting There Israel’s main international airport Ben-Gurion (TLV) is approximately 20 minutes by train or taxi from Tel Aviv and 45 minutes by taxi from Jerusalem. The other international airport is Eilat, at the southern tip of Israel, but it is mainly used for direct charter package flights from Europe and flights from inside the country.

When to Go In April, the rainy season, the beaches are open to the public and Israelis have a two-week long Passover vacation. May brings perfect weather, no crowds and beautiful scenery. June to August can be a busy time as American family arrive during their school break. Sept and Oct, the weather starts to cool and the crowds disappear. A good time to travel but avoid arriving on the eve of Yom Kippur, as the whole country grinds to a halt and the week-long holiday of Sukkot when Israelis go on vacation.

Nov to Jan is beautiful weather and no crowds. December and January can be cool and wet, but great for the authentic Christmas experience. Feb and Mar is a perfect time for trekking. The hills of Judea, Galilee, and the Golan Heights are covered with wildflowers, and the weather is cool. The Jewish holiday of Purim has become a major week-long celebration, a cross between Halloween and Mardi Gras, with day and night festivals and street parties in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.