HONDURAS: Tailor-made holidays

Straddled by the Caribbean to the east and the Pacific to the west, Honduras is a Central American holiday destination well worth considering. Explore fascinating ancient Maya ruins, lush rainforests filled with tropical wildlife including Howler Monkeys, Macaws, Jaguars, world-class bird watching and palm-fringed Caribbean beaches. Go scuba diving, river rafting or just relax in the many hot springs found across the country, Honduras is a country for those who love nature, culture and adventure. Consider joining a small group, or contact us to design your own unique adventure holiday to Honduras and travel with best Asian Geographical experts.


  • Relax on pristine sandy beaches bordered by the world's second-largest barrier reef
  • Visit exquisite Mayan ruins at Copan, an important pre-Columbian historical site
  • Experience the exotic cloud forest at Cusuco National Park near San Pedro Sula
  • Explore Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, the largest rainforest in Central America
  • Home to an astounding number of bird species & colonial villages with cobblestoned streets.


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