MOROCCO: Tailor-made holidays

Travelling to Morocco, one can still feel the strong presence of its more distant past. Despite the years of foreign colonial rule, Morocco maintains a life still rooted in medieval times. Morocco’s physical features offer a variety of a Mediterranean coast; four mountain ranges and an empty sand and scrub of the Sahara. You can go hiking in the Atlas or journey through the southern oases or into the pre-Sahara, or take a leisure stroll around Tangier, Fes or Marrakesh. If you adapt to their way of life, Morocco will surprise you with its powerful tradition of hospitality, generosity and openness.


  • Hike the Atlas Mountains or take a desert safari in the great Sahara
  • Explore the fascinating ancient medinas protected by their kasbahs
  • Sleep in boutique riads, relax on panoramic terraces and bathe in a restorative hammam
  • Spend the balmy evenings strolling down the souqs and meeting friendly people
  • Here, the day begins with a call to prayer and ends with the beat of local hip hop.


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