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What is AwimAway?

The AwimAway Collection
AwimAway is a collection of luxury tours, resorts and unique lodges around the world, each with a distinctive style and character of its own. Each tour has been personally chosen to combine the most amazing experience with properties in stunning locations that are quintessentially local to the region and architecturally breathtaking.

Add to this, the hotels selected have sumptuous furnishings and decor, imaginative cuisine, exceptional wine cellars and the very highest levels of personal service.

The Best of all Worlds
The AwimAway collection offers a variety of private tours in Asia and the Americas along with luxury Safaris in Africa and India. Each of these tours have a variety of stunning properties of distinct character, from the small and intimate to the grand and gracious.

Whether you’re looking for a return to bygone era grandeur and gentle opulence or a more relaxed holiday in a country house, you will find the perfect tour or resort to suit your requirement.

Experience your Style
Whilst each tour and lodge offers a unique experience with individual personalities and features, the products are placed into five sets: Boutique, Country, Heritage, Palacial and Beach. These five distinct yet complimentary sets have been created to help you select the most appropriate experience for your particular occasion.

The Essence of Spa
The collection of AwimAway spas can offer a rewarding experience that combines impressive spa facilities, signature treatments, bespoke therapeutic product range and unique locations.

Ananda in the Himalayas, located in the tranquil Himalayan foothills, the beautiful Como Shambhala in Bali, The Banyan Tree spa in Tibet or The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok and many more are not just retreats that will leave you breathless with the enchantment of its surroundings but also wellness experiences.

Finer Details
It’s not simply the tours, resorts and lodges in wonderful locations and superb individual service that AwimAway offer that makes your holiday special. Every possible need or desire has been considered. From luxurious spa, classic cars, and helicopters to slipper launches and not to mention the private service to tailor your perfect holiday experience.

Where available, AwimAway can arrange your transfers by luxury cars or helicopters to make your AwimAway experience even more exhilarating.

Some might say dinner on a vintage rice barge is not exhilarating but many of our guests would disagree. The Loy Nava, constructed of solid hand-carved and polished golden teak, was built at a time when such raw materials were abundant in Thailand. Now priceless teakwood carvings and flowers from every part of Thailand adorn the boat and a myriad of twinkling lights illuminates the outline of the vessel makes it as romantic as it can get.


Benefits of joining AwimAway

What is the membership cost?
Becoming an AwimAway member is free. All we require is your contact details. Please note that we will never share or sell your private details.

Can I book if I am living outside the UK?
Yes. You can become a member of AwimAway and book a holiday or hotel/resort with us no matter where in the world you live. We accept all major international credit cards.

Can I travel on the dates of my choosing?
Yes. All our tours are designed so you can ‘travel any-day’ of the year. However, these are subject to availability. Except for tours in very remote locations, we generally confirm booking within 24hrs.  

Can we travel independently?
Yes. All our tours are designed for independent travel with your own private guide and driver. Although a detail itinerary will be sent to you on booking your tour, you can amend the day tours in each location, if required.   

Can you book flights?
Yes. We can book your international flights from the UK. Please request for a flight booking form on which we will require your full details as they appear on your passport. Booking your flights with us will cover your holiday with our ATOL bond (pending).  

How do I make payment?
Payments can be made by credit card or bank transfer. On booking your holiday, you will receive an invoice with full bank details. Should you like to make payment by credit card, you can call at 0208 350 6199.

Can I cancel or modify a reservation?
AwimAway offers selected tours and resorts/hotels on sale which have a fixed availability and price. Tours and resorts/hotels sold on sale are prepared well in advance and have a strict no-cancellation/modification policy. For more details please see our ‘Terms of Service’.

Tours and resorts that are exclusively designed for you can be cancelled. For more details please see Section 3, para 1 of our ‘Terms of Service’. In all circumstance do not hesitate to contact support@awimaway.com and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Login problems
In case of login problems please send us an email on support@awimaway.com for help.

Making special requests
When making your reservation, there will be a ‘Tell us More’ box at the bottom of the page where you can provide details of any special requests. Although there is no guarantee but we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Customer support
Should you require any further assistance with or in addition to the points mentioned above then do not hesitate to contact us on support@awimaway.com or call us on 0208 350 6199.

Partnership with AwimAway
AwimAway travel experts design tours and select the requisite hotels/resorts that provide the best travel experience for our discerning travellers. If you would like to recommend your services for a tour or property for review then please contact us on supplier@awimaway.com.


Member Services

Who can I talk about my amazing AwimAway Experience?
We would love to hear all about your AwimAway experiences.
We value your suggestions and like to know all about your experiences. Please send your reviews on support@awimaway.com  or call us at 020 8350 6199

Can I suggest tours/ resorts/ lodges or locations?
Yes please! We will be delighted to hear your suggestions about new tours, resorts/hotels or destinations. All your suggestions will be forwarded to the respective team who will try and visit the property or take the tour suggested to ensure quality before promoting it on AwimAway.