ECUADOR: Tailor-made holidays

Ecuador, straddling along the equator is known for its beaches, mountains and colonial charm. Its landscape can be easily divided into three distinct geological regions - Sierra, Oriente and Costa. The ‘Sierra’ or uplands of the Andes is dominated by volcanoes, half of them active. The main cities are located here – in the valley known as the Avenue of Volcanoes. In the East is the ‘Oriente’, an area of wet lowlands covered by dense jungle with an intricate network of rivers, all of which carry water from the Andes into the Amazon. The ‘Costa’ is Ecuador's Pacific coast and home to lush tropical forests, attractive beaches and the sprawling Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city. And, there are the Galapagos Islands. Browse through our Ecuador & Galapagos holidays, join a small group, or contact us to design your own unique holiday to Ecuador.


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