BRAZIL: Tailor-made holidays

Brazil has a varied terrain; it has the Highlands and the Amazon Basin. And what do we know of the Amazon Basin? That it is drained by the largest river in the world in volume and area of drainage basin and second in length only to the Nile. That it is the site of the greatest rainforest on earth and hosts an extraordinary diversity of wildlife and birds. There is no grander waterfall in the world than the Iguaçu Falls, which plunge over the horseshoe-shaped rim of the Parana Plateau. In the far west of Brazil is the Pantanal, a series of vast river plains stretching about 160 km along the eastern bank of the Paraguay River. The water, teems with jacaré (a type of alligator), caymans, capybaras and giant otters; and anacondas lurk in the shallows.


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